Hielo, for Toy piano & Live electronics


Hielo, is a piece for Toy piano and live electronics inspired by Ice, everything that occurs in the piece is an Ice state, and tries to bring the idea of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Ice is the fourth piece from a serie for Toy piano & electronics. The piece works together with a Max standalone that process all the sound, which is very easy to use. It consists in nine scenes, the last one is a realisation of Bach´s Recitativo from Cantata 202, which text is inspiring as says:

Die Welt wird wieder neu,
Auf Bergen und im Gründen
Will sich die Anmut doppelt schön verbinden,
Der Tag ist von der Kälte frei.

 Recitativo, Cantata 202, J. S. Bach.



Toy piano 37 keys from f to f3 (Schoenhut recommended).
Apple Mac.
Audio interface with phantom power (Edirol FA-66 recommended, or similar).
Contact Mic (Akg C411 recommended). Other kind of mic are allowed, if takes care of balance.

Playing Instructions

The piece is written for Toy piano 37 keys (f to f3), and will sound an octave higher than notated on the score.
Together there is an app that should be run on Mac.
Connect the mic to the sound card, and put the mic under the sound board of the Toy piano. The volume Mic entry should be level as demand. The output sound should be sent to the concert hall amplification system, and should be balanced with the real Toy piano sound.

Open Hielo.app

Select driver.

Press [Tab] to Start.

To change cues press [Space].

There are nine cues (Scenes), after 9 when it´s finished can press Tab again to close the sound on the app.

The piece starts when press [Space] for the first time (Scene 1)

© Víctor Trescolí Sanz, 2017

Score preview

APP preview