Sol, for Toy piano & loops.

Sol, for Toy piano & loops – Víctor Trescolí Sanz


Inspirada en una canción popular mediterránea llamada Sol, solet, para Toy piano y electrónica, con procesamiento del audio en vivo, mediante un programa escrito en MaxMsp, con la intención de transfromar el sonido que procede del piano de juguete, dando la impresión de diferentes temperaturas con el uso de diferentes frecuencias. Desarrollar el contenido de forma que cambie totalmente y de forma inesperada el material original que inspira la pieza, transformando una simple melodía en una fuerte y poderosa sucesión de sonoridades que van y vienen.


Sol, is a piece for Toy piano and live electronics inspired by Mediterranean folk song “Sol, Solet”. Mediterranean people and weather are warm, so when it is a bit cloudy and cold, we need the sun back, that´s the meaning of the song. The aim of the piece is transform the sound that comes from the Toy piano, giving the impression of differents temperatures with differents frequencies, and develop in a way that totally changes the material that inspires the piece.


Toy piano 37 keys from f to f3 (Schoenhut recommended).

Apple Mac.

Audio interface with phantom power (Edirol FA-66 recommended, or similar).

Contact Mic (Akg C411 recommended). Other kind of mic are allowed, if takes care of balance.

Playing Instructions

The piece is written for Toy piano 37 keys (f to f3), and will sound an octave higher than notated on the score.

Together there is an app that should be run on Mac.

Connect the mic to the sound card, and put the mic under the sound board of the Toy piano. The volume Mic entry should be level around 70%. The output sound should be sent to the concert hall amplification system, and should be balanced with the real Toy piano sound.


Select driver and bit rate in Audio Set.

Press [Tab] to Start.

To change cues press [Space].

There are five cues (Scenes), at 5 the piece will end itself, after that, can press Tab again to close the sound on the app. The piece starts when press [Space] for the first time (Scene 1), will see the Seed crossed in red, it means is recording and can start playing.

In case recording is needed select [Recording], two audios will be generated:

Toy piano audio

Electronics audio

© Víctor Trescolí Sanz, 2013

For any question contact me.

Score preview

App preview

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Video performance